Friday, October 3, 2008

Dial Up

So my mom switched her old dial up Internet connection to a NEW fast one. SO, (now that Rena is in the new Internet world!) this blog is for her, ma-Alice, and new-mom to see what is going on in St Louis when they aren't here!

Here is Jerret and Eric on Jerret's 29th Birthday!
Jerret, Eric and Mike and I went to dinner at Alandale Brewery in Kirkwood. It was a good time--Jerret even got a free birthday shot! Then, we came back to the house and took some photos. The boys went out downtown while I stayed home and slept. Overall, it was a good birthday (I think) for Jerret.

I'll have some awesome pictures of Baltimore, Maryland for my birthday. I was accepted at a conference for work and will be presenting about health sciences marketing. Sue (from work) is going with me and we should have a fun time! Two girls in Baltimore! Yahoo! Here we are at Elizabeth's wedding. Aren't we cute !!?!

I'll have TONS of pics of Billy's baby, Noah, after this weekend. We are heading to T-town!