Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick, Fun and FREE!

Quick update friends! For those who are pregnant or know someone who is pregnant there is a FREE wipes link out there. Simply fill out the form and have the wipes sent to your house! You can add them to a shower gift, a cute card, or a just because for a new mom. Of course I would LOVE to receive some of them free from you all, but share the love and the link with others! Free is free, right?

(Yes, the link is through Walmart and NO, I still don't shop there--but I do like FREE things from anyone : )

Monday, February 16, 2009

Almost 25 weeks and counting

Monday, February 16, 2009
We are almost 25 weeks with baby boy Batson and that actually means ONLY 15 weeks left!  That is a scary thought--I can hardly believe we only have 15 weeks left.  Baby boy continues to share his attitude with my ribs, bladder and stomach.  He moves a lot and enjoys quiet time right before I fall asleep.  Daddy Jerret likes to tap back as the baby kicks multiple times in the same spot : ) 

As I get bigger and bigger, I am also starting to slow down.  I am sleepy often, I eat multiple times a day (snacks are GREAT!) and I try to walk and workout a little.  I am hoping to join a cool water aerobics class very soon.  We will see....

We are still out in the open for a baby sitter search.  We have emailed a few people and unofficially spoken with a few women at church.  We are hoping to finalize a few more details before committing to a babysitter.  Please pray for us : )

We are also searching for MORE eBay stuff to sell.  SO, if you think you might have some extra stuff around your house and want some cash for it--shoot me an email!  We are hoping that we can continue to be blessed by the help of our family and friends.  I can do eBay consultations and we can talk about the eBay and paypal fees, and the small percentage I take for helping.  Stuff that usually does NOT sell well on eBay are: used clothes, books, cds, movies and non-name brand items.  Stuff that DOES sell well includes: game systems, vintage items, new things still in packages and just TONS of stuff : ) I can do a free quick assessment for you if you might be interested.   : )

Praise that Katie had her three baby boys and they are doing well.  Very small (see link to the right) and SUPER cute : ) Boys are so fun!  Praises also for Lum's surgery.  His shoulder/arm surgery went well and he is at home recovering.  Jerret is in classes and enjoying his mental stimulation!  Stephanie is taking a class to become a teacher (in 3 years!) and enjoying learning about child development.  (Good timing!)  

Prayer for lots of things....our friendships that we can still value them while having a family, our marriage that we can continue to serve and sacrifice for one another, Drew and Bill's job searches, Heather's house and Lauren and Kevin's home sale, our pastor search, my small group friends, Marcy's cancer and our careers.