Sunday, July 11, 2010

Actual Day...Birthday with Momma and Dad

For Eph's birthday we took off work and took him to Grant's Farm and to get his haircut. (Daddy's idea) Here are our pics:
The new do

Our certificate
At the hairy elephant, kids haircut place.
In the chair, a finished haircut
All done and handsome!
Trying to figure out what is going on!
Being a good boy!

At Grants Farm, watching an elephant
It was HOT HOT HOT that day and we walked through the misters
Hanging out with the goats
We were surprised at how much he liked the goats!

On the train ride to see the animals!
(Nearly) Naked on his birthday!
Happy daddy and happy baby!
(My boys!)

Eph's birthday and fun parties pics!

As promised, here they are!
(They are sorta backwards...but you will get the point!)
The families all came over the weekend before his birthday to celebrate!

Eph, Grandpa, Uncle Bill, Cousin Noah and Gram Rena!
Uncle Bill & Noah!
Handsome guys in orange!
The cake from Ash & Kroger
Opening gifts...
Uncle Greg and the boys! Eek!
The dirty mess--but, hey he shared with momma!
The dirty finale!
Almost dirty
Eating with a fork!?!? How sweet!
Blowing out the candle
Fam shot!
YUM! First cake
Cute cake!
Awaiting the cake
Fam hanging out
Gram helping out and Noah supervising
Gram Alice made his outfit!

Big boy's chair, balloons and poster
Decorated Hutch
His college shirt, 1 crown and a cute bib!
A new chair from Gram Alice
Oh...I miss that long hair!
My boys it!

Friday, July 9, 2010

30 days!

YES! It has been 30 days (or more now!) since I was able to update the blog. So.....I will attempt to remember what significant things have happened since the last post. Time is literally flying by and its really hard to keep up. You'll see why (in pictures) in a post after this one. Here we go!

Turned 1 year old! My baby is now officially a toddler. NO baby left in him. He is crawling at a quicker rate and talking up a STORM! I love it.
Continues to change and grow every day. I can say that I REALLY love being his momma.
Continues to love day-care and hanging out with big kids
Officially calls out "momma" and "Dada" along with tons of other "words" (like: Sadie (his first word), num num, baby, dow (down), and lots more...I cant remember!
Blows kisses and waves in a new way!
Got his first haircut
Went to the Turkey Festival!
Hung out with his cousin, Noah
Was asked to be in his Aunti Kari's wedding next June!
Loves wagon rides
Enjoys the summer heat in his froggie pool
ADORES his Little People Noah's Ark and Farm sets
Has a blast in the bath tub --and usually cries when he has to get out
Celebrated his birthday FOUR times!

Was off school for a while
Got SUPER burnt on a float trip a few weeks ago
Has worked his buns off in the SUPER hot weather to improve the outside of our home
Started school again!
Got a new car (ok, Steph's old one!) and doesn't really love it
Has seen TONS of concerts
Seems to work too hard :)
Went to the Turkey Festival!
Had a rockin father's day
Loves his time with "Eph-man"
Dances around the house with Eph
Continues to sacrifice for his family

Had a fever for four days--ew yuck
Cried when her baby turned 1
Got the kiddo's FIRST haircut
Loves hanging with her guy one extra day per week
Joined a work walking group and hopes to "Walk to Madrid" over the summer
Got a new car and totally loves it!
Got to see Sex and the City 2 in the theater
Loves her Beth Moore Bible study group
Found out that lots of friends are pregnant
Had fun with the boys at the Turkey Festival
Is blessed to meet up with her Rooftop friends on Fridays
Continues to seek God's will in her life--even though its not easy for her!
Got a new kitten! Little Tigger!

I'm sure there are a few more things that went on, but I know the pictures of the birthday bashes will update :) Happy (late) 4th of July!