Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010--times FIVE

We celebrated Halloween FIVE times this year!
1. At Doisy
2. At Purina
3. At Daycare
4. Trunk or Treat at Church
5. Halloween Night!

We are tired, but had a blast!!!

My guy getting ready on Halloween night!
Trying to get this kiddo on camera is hard!
E with our neighbor friends

Chasing the puppy around the house Halloween night!
Trunk or Treat. J has C, a friend's baby from church!
Puppy on the move!
Trunk or Treat...Momma and E in the trunk!
Family photo at the trunk or treat!
E, the bat, at daycare! Eating a yummy cookie
E and daddy at Purina! Arf Arf!

E and daddy at Purina! Arf Arf!

Editing for momma at Doisy! E came to work with me one day!
Vampire momma with her little bat boy!
E is eating pretzels in mommy's messy office

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Visit to T-town, October

We went home to do some business and daddy stayed home to study! He had lots of tests and homework to do....and, momma took the trip by herself to Tremont. It was rough trying to get the little guy to sleep in a new place, but it was fun with the fam!
Couldnt get enough of this "home" phone. We don't have one!
Ashley King cut Eph's hair at her new shop, A Touch of Style in East Peoria area!
(He is crying because he is ONE, not because of AshleY!)

Silly boy with Gram
Double Trouble!
messy time

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eckerts AGAIN!

I planned a family trip to Eckerts. SURE, we were all tired from the day, but we had a great time seeing the kiddos play, pick and be cute! See below! Pictured is: Grandpa Lummy, Grandma Rena, Grandma Alice, Grandpa Gordon, Cousin Noah, Uncle Bill, Cousins Marci and Avery, and lots of other people, animals and scarecrows!