Wednesday, December 9, 2009

6 Month Ephraim Big Boy

December 1, 2009
So, Ephraim turned 6 months today. So much has happened in our six months of life together! Its hard to believe that he wasn't here 7 months ago. While I am excited to see him grow and learn, I'm also sad that he is growing so quickly!

This week we decided to stop nursing (well, Eph made that decision two months ago!) The breastfeeding thing worked so well for the first four months, but then Eph decided to go on strike. This was quite frustrating and unpleasant for a while. I tried to work with him and tried MANY things, but he wasn't having it. So, for the past two months I was exclusively pumping (about 9-10 times per day!) To say that I was worn out does not even begin to describe how I felt. See, I would pump for 10-15 minutes and still have to feed Eph a bottle, wash the parts and feed him cereal. It was a FOOD cycle and I was wearing thin. So, while I do miss the bonding time we had with nursing, I don't miss pumping! I know that he got all the good milk for the first six months, and thought that would be a nice goal to attain. I wish I could have done it longer, but it was stressing me out too much. So, I have stopped nursing and its been emotional: happy, sad, frustration, relief, and relaxation. I feel as if I have more time to focus on my baby, myself and my family. It just felt right, so I did it.

At Eph's 6 month appointment with Dr. Collier, he was 17lbs 15ounces and 27 inches long! He is in the 60% for height! We are excited--and can already tell he is a long boy!

Ephraim's new favorite things to do include: Jumping in his rainforest jump-a-roo, reading books, jumping on your legs, and laughing at Sadie dog. He still enjoys munching on his toes, sucking on his fingers and screaming/laughing/talking.

His personality is starting to come through! Its so sweet to see him think through or ponder at things in his life. He REALLY is a little sponge!

Daddy got a new guitar and was strumming it in front of the little man. He started to SING (not talk, not scream....really sing!) No one prompted him or anything! It was so CUTE! Daddy is learning some new guitar things, so I think Eph will be involved in that too. Ephraim has a leapfrog guitar he likes to play with, so I think he is trying to be like his daddy : )

Ephraim has two little teeth that just popped out! The first one was on his right side bottom tooth, and now his left is quick to follow only a day later. No WONDER he was up all night for a week. His little mouth was hurting! We are excited to see the teeth, but Eph is reluctant to let us in for a feel. He thinks we are putting that yucky tasting baby orajel on his gums. He perfers to purse his lips and deny us access, so we have to be more crafty at getting into his little mouth!

Eph is such a joy in our lives, we are so happy to have been blessed by God with this little child!

Mommy dressed
Calling all the grandparents!
Watching Obama on TV
Happy Jumper Guy!
Eating a Mum Mum! Yum Yum!
Posing for the camera
Sitting up, big guy!
Laughing at Mommy
His smile melts my heart!
Mommy makes me looks SO cute for these pictures!
Close up!
My little man is growing TOO fast!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ephraim's Baby Dedication at Rooftop Community Church

Ephraim was dedicated at church Sunday, November 30, 2009 at second service. He was greeted on stage by Pastor Matt, our friend from small group. Pastor Matt saw Eph grow in mommy's belly and is so supportive of our family. Eph was a little grumpy that day and wasn't his usual self, so he was quiet on stage. The few times he went to small group at Matt's house he "talked" or jabbered the whole time (hmmm...sound like anyone you know?) He liked all the lights, guitars and people to stare at, that is for sure. Matt asked Mom and Dad if we would care for him and raise him in a Christian home, then Matt asked the congregation (which included all types of the grandparents!). The answer for both was "I do." So great to know we have a a church family who is supportive and helpful in raising our kiddos. The dedication was quick, but meaningful to our family!

Pastor Matt with Eph, Steph and Jerret

After church, little man was pooped! Sleeping on Gram Alice
Cheesing it up with Gram Ashley
Collins Clan at Rooftop! Lum, Bill and Rena
A prayer for my little guy

Pastor Matt with Ephraim, S & J on stage : )
Our family with the cake!
Grandpa Lummy and Little man Eph. (They are making the same smirk!)
The cake!
At Church, the Batson Fam on Eph's big day