Friday, July 6, 2012

Parenting Insight

I had this super awesome blog composed in my head to share....and I lost it.  Between the cold, coughing, hacking, fighting with a sick 3 year old and catering to a sick flew out of my head.
SO, I am going to offer some parenting insight on....God's Grace.

In parenting a 2 year old last year, I was SURE it could not get any worse.  BOY, was I wrong.  This three year old's attitude, questions, and sweet innocent face are TOTALLY messing with me.  He does EXACTLY the opposite of what I ask him to do....JUST after I ask.

God gave me some morning quiet time last week, and I realized that I do the SAME thing.  God says, learn my Word--I complain I don't have time.  God's Word says--Love your neighbor, and I gossip or judge them.  God's Word says honor your parents (and I believe that applies to in-laws, too!) and I snap at them.  God says to honor your husband--and I ignore or complain.  My list goes ON and ON!

But there is freedom from all of my issues and my kiddo's.  Its Grace and Love.  I love him SO much that I forgive all his silly attitude issues and constant fighting with me.  God does it for US, too--and I am SO incredibly grateful for His grace and love.

When I am ready to loose it with my little guy, I remember that God gave me grace so I should attempt to correct and love my guy.