Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 Month Old Ephraim!

July 27, 2009

Ephraim is officially 2 months old this week! I can hardly believe it. He is 8 weeks old, which means I have very few days/weeks left before returning to work. Keep us in your hearts as we get closer to another transition: work AND a kid!

God has really blessed us with visits from friends and family lately. I have some photos to update : )
Big Boy Eph!
First time with shoes on...he doesn't really like them!
Almost a smile! On his "happy pad" changing pad that is super soft! He always smiles, laughs and talks on his happy pad! I HAD to take the happy pad to Tremont!
Up close of the big guy!
PaPa Lum talks to Eph on the happy pad!
Cousins! Eph and Noah!
Little Noah is now 2! Aunt Pooh and Noah
Eph with Uncle Billy
These two are gonna be trouble!
Jacque, Claire and Eph
We traveled to Dwight to see the Finks!
Lucas and baby Eph!
Carol, Rachel and Ephraim
Carol and Eph!
Pretty dresses for Carmen's bridal shower!
Carmen is opening her gifts at the shower--it was at Mackinaw Winery! Yum!

Great Aunt Debbie with Noah and Ephraim

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Evan and Ephraim!

Dean and Ephraim (BABY SWAP!)The Evan B and Ephraim B met on Friday, July 17! Momma and Daddy are doing well, but I had to share the pictures of E's first play date!!!!
Steph and Evan! (BABY SWAP!) Evan felt SO light compared to carrying around Ephraim all day
Evan and Eph in Kathy (left) and Kim's (right) hands!
Hey, we are trying to talk here!
My baby looks like a giant next to the newborn, Evan!

Weekend Visitors

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We had some weekend visitors who helped me this weekend. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun! The pictures tell the story....
Jerret is dirty and tired!
Beth & Eph
Little guy likes his chair we got at the church swap meet (called Hodge Podge!)
We had a cowboy visit and help roof with Jerret, thanks Chuck! This pick is for you!
Mike and J talk roof talk.
Ashley & Ephraim Napping
Ashley changes her FIRST diaper!
First reaction to the diaper change
Beth came by for a day.
The boys taking a break


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guess what time it is? It's Mom O'Clock.

While I knew that it would be different becoming a mommy, but this weekend really tested me. I was mom to many (young and old) and I'm just POOPED!

Baby is crying--It's Mom O'Clock
Daddy hurt his hand--It's Mom O'Clock
Baby needs a diaper changing--It's Mom O'Clock
Dogs need fed--It's Mom O'Clock
Daddy needs food--It's Mom O'Clock
Family needs photos=--It's Mom O'Clock
Cats need fed--It's Mom O'Clock
Daddy needs things from Lowes--It's Mom O'Clock
Baby needs food--It's Mom O'Clock
House needs cleaning--It's Mom O'Clock
Daddy needs water--It's Mom O'Clock
Dogs puke--It's Mom O'Clock
Baby needs food--It's Mom O'Clock
Daddy needs medicine--It's Mom O'Clock
Baby needs diaper changed--It's Mom O'Clock
If Mommy needs a nap--IT'S GRANDMA O'CLOCK

Some photos of the roof weekend...and all my source of exhaustion.

Kirsten, Jerret and Bill
THe boys are tired by now...Jerret and JD
Jerret in the trash : )
Billy being silly!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Smiles and Summer Fun

He smiles for mommy!!!!!!
July 16, 2009
My big boy is 6 weeks old this week! I can hardly believe that I have been so blessed with such an amazing little guy. AND, my friend Crystal had her baby boy, Evan. Eph and I will be going to visit her in the hospital to meet Evan. I know they will be best buds :)

So this week Ephraim has started to smile and giggle a lot. He seems to be learning about the world around him because he always wants to hold his head up and look around. He is super sweet and cuddly too. He loves hanging with mommy all day, but laughs at daddy when he gets home. He melts my heart!

Since Eph is not really sleeping too much at night, Jerret solicited some help from an experienced momma at church. I talked with Julie about her "method" and we are trying it this week. So far, so good! Ephraim still enjoys sleeping a its hard to introduce a new way of living for the little man who eats constantly! Maybe by August we will all be sleeping through the night!

An update on the house--JD has adopted a puppy named Jasper! Jasper is now Sadie's new boyfriend! They are best buds and enjoy chasing one another in the yard! Jasper is a mild 9 month old and is a good boy! He is such a sweetie. There are pics of him!

In honor of the All-Star game hosted here in St Louis and our favorite baseball team, the Cardinals, Ephraim is wearing his baseball all-stars outfit : ) AND, I finally caught ONE photo of him smiling!!!!!!
Some fun photos to update....
My All-Star!
Showing off the faux-hawk!

PJ Time

My Little Man
Not so happy, but SO darn cute!
Sadie (left) and Jasper (right) cuddling on the couch after a long run outside!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Boy Ephraim...

Big man on campus in his robe and slippers!
Daddy gets the little guy to giggle!

Thursday, July 9, 2009
So I made up these silly songs to sing to Ephraim when he is upset or needing attention. They really don't have many words or even the same notes each time I sing them, but its fun to see him recognize something in the song, even if it is just my voice. One of them starts out "My Boy Ephraim...."

Of course, the kid is growing...a lot! We have officially run out of newborn diapers at the same time he really needs to move up. GOOD planning on my part, I think : ) He is currently going through a growth spurt, aka: grumpy and hungry man all the time. I hope he gets out of it soon because when he is happy, it is super fun and cute! He says OoooAAhhh and a few other cute baby things. He also laughs and smiles a lot! Daddy got him to giggle the other night (in the 5 mintues out of the entire day that he is "happy"). He made clicking sounds with his tongue and Ephraim just thought it was hilarious! So, life is good and summer keeps getting hotter. Thank goodness we got our air fixed the week before he arrived! A few fun pics to update this week. WEEK 5, what a big guy!

Motherhood is super amazing....totally different than I imagined, but just as amazing.....
So Ephraim doesn't like the bath time fun, but mommy does! What a cutie pie!

Our kid will wear FREE gifts, regardless of team! This one from Gary in NC! Thanks Garius!
Happy Fourth of July! The little guy in his new outfit from Mrs. Moore : )