Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thank you for visiting our blog.  We hope you have a blessed day!  To donate to our Mexico Mission trip fund, please see the link below.

More information is in a section of our request letter...

We are excited and encouraged to once again be writing you. It has been laid on my heart to return to Reynosa, Mexico again this year.  Through our church in St. Louis, Rooftop, I will be participating in the Homes for the Homeless projectwith Strategic Alliance again.

This year, the costs are right above $1,000 to send a servant to Reynosa.  This will cover travel, lodging, the building materials, and basic necessities such as blankets, towels, clothes, and other items the people in this area are unable to afford.

Last year, when we both attended we were incredibly blessed and filled with joy. We were amazed that the people of the colonia were happy and content with so little.  We immediately knew that our lives would never be the same.  With Stephanie's recent career change she is unable to go this year.

While in Reynosa, our group of 20+ people and around 6 other churches from around the nation, we will build houses for Mexican families who are in desperate need of adequate shelter. Strategic Alliance has been involved in building homes in this area since 1993.  This week is one of the largest programs through Strategic Alliance, as they also offer medical services, haircuts, worship times, children's ministries and a resource center with clothing, shoes and necessities.  We will also continue to build relationships with the people of the colonia and visit the families we built homes for last year.

We are asking for your assistance in anyway that you can provide it, not just financially.  We want to be in your prayers, thoughts, and conversations. We are hoping to continue to get more out of our encounters by sharing Christ with the people in the Reynosa colonia.

We need your encouragement and prayers. Please email or mail us a phrase or Bible verse that has inspired you as these will be reflected on while on the trip.