Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Guy

The little man turns ONE YEAR OLD so soon! I am really excited to celebrate with family, but when I remember what I am celebrating I get sad. I can hardly believe how quickly this year has flown by. Last night E was hanging on the couch with me and he kept trying to look at my belly. I told him "this is where you lived last year at this time." He laughed and smacked my belly to make a noise. He thought it was hilarious.

And, I can say that E's official first word was "SADIE." Jerret and I yell for her outside or say hello or goodbye to Sadie (dog) every day. I think we say her name more than each others--we just never realized it. Little man just mimics everything we do and lots of what we say.

He does say "mommy" a lot now for me. I really love just melts my heart. (He still uses mama or mommy for other things too, but he is associating it with me also!)

Louiza told me yesterday that a little boy said something like "Ew. Barbie. Yuck" in response to another child at daycare. Eph copied the boy and said Uuuk. (or his yuck). They are big sponges right now!

We have really been blessed lately! We have a replacement car from Jerret's accident with minimal issues. And, the best part is....I GET TO DRIVE IT :) Jerret is so patient with me....but he did say I could drive the new vehicle. I just love it. A Honda CRV!

Summer and the heat is at our door. I'm just excited to watch E enjoy the summer and his first birthday. Pics to come after the first celebration (yes, we are having 2 celebrations!)
Stay cool!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Schlafly and Mother's Day

When Julie was in town, we went to Schlafly with E. He wore his new shirt from Grandma. The cute blue one with a guitar. He likes to show off for the camera now. What a sweetpea :)

Doing SO BIG after dinner
Eph really liked Julie :)
My "cheese" smile.
Family on Mother's Day


The Zoo!
Buckled in and ready!

Our church and playdate friends :)
Eph loves to be tickled :)
The orangutans came right next to the window for the kiddos to see!
E was amazed!!!!

A relaxing day at the Zoo! We had fun walking and talking and letting the kids explore the zoo.

11 month-old Boy. SO big & Friends

My boy is grown. I am so proud to have been E's mommy for this first year. I can't describe how amazing and hard it is to be a mom. It is the best feeling in the world. Here are some photos of his 11th month of life. My guy is so sweet, but does like to throw a little tantrum if he doesn't like what you take away/move him from/put him to bed.

How BIG are you? SOO BIG!

When Spaz died, gram Rena gave me the little "Spaz looking" cat that I once gave her. Eph LOVES this stuffed cat that sits on the fireplace. Here, he is talking to Spaz and smiling!
He is hanging out with Grandma! They are laughing and giggling here.

On Fridays, I try to get out and visit with other kids or moms. Here E is with Miaad, my ESL friend. She is due in August with her first son : )

Miaad, E, Me and Miaad's mother-in-law.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Car accident

Jerret's car accident was quite scary. I have photos of what his poor car look like, but not his bruising and marks. He is so blessed to have been spared and protected by God. We could have had a really, really bad week. I was able to stay home Thursday to help take him to a few doctor appointments. At the moment, it looks just like bruising is the only thing wrong. We are awaiting the results of a final CT scan early in the week.
A few quick details: Jerret was run off the road intentionally by another driver (who left the scene) in the city Wednesday night. He ran into a telephone poll to avoid an accident and the airbags went off and he and JD were not taken to the ER. The damage to the car is pretty bad. We are blessed that both boys were protected and are (seemingly) ok from the accident.

Thank you for your prayers.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So..whats with the blog?

This post won't have any photos....and, I feel guilty. Oh well. I write all these AMAZING (let me tell yoU!) blogs in my head, but I rarely actually post/write them on the computer. So, I thought I would blog about this blog. I am still confused about what I think the blog should be....I originally wanted it to be updates of our family with a little of mommy's opinion. Well, it turned into "I just want pictures" from the grandparents.

So, I thought to myself, I have thoughts and opinions I can share with my readers! I mean, don't you want to know what is going on in my life? Twitter, facebook and email just isn't enough updates for you!

I'm a decent writer and I think I'm pretty funny. So, this blog should be amazing! I find myself organizing and planning what I write and post. To me, that is a newsletter, not a blog. So, I will ATTEMPT to post more (with or without pictures and/or guilt!) And write more mommy comments to provide a rich description of our lives :) That way, you can SEE how cute E is and also read about how cute he is.

Cuteness example #1 My boy is a clapper now. SUPER cute when the little hands make that small little smack smack noise. I love it
#2 Miss L. at daycare taught him "SO BIG". He raises his hands (usually) to show you how big he is. I just love it.
#3 He knows how to give kisses. Sometimes, he just isn't into it.
#4 His army crawling has NOT evolved. He is too happy scootching on his belly or turning circles while sitting up. He DOES go from belly to sitting up by himself and rocks a little, but shows minimal signs of actually doing a "real crawl."

Some NOT so cute things:
#5 Teething! We have TONS of teeth now. These teeth have been hard and are giving fever/restless nights. LOTS of cuddling with mommy, though.....
#6 TEMPER issues. Little man has figured out HOW to express being dissatisfied. Not super charming, but a milestone met. We at least know when he is not happy and try to figure out why.
#7 Throwing food at dinner. We are frustrated, Sadie dog is happy. Enough said.

So, E is growing, learning and a HUGE sponge. He has words for Sadie, Arf Arf (what sadie does!), Num Num, Mama, Dada, U-oh, A-cho and maybe a few others. The kid is VOCAL! He is loud and he knows it. Its cute to hear him babble at toys or blankets.

We are so loving this beautiful weather with baby boy. He LOVES to be outside and enjoys our daily walks. He is a good baby and continues to bless us!

We are staying involved at Rooftop Community Church as much as possible. Its hard with work, teaching, class, family and baby. I'm in a Bible study with some women and have been blessed by the friendships and work that God is showing us. We have participated in some annual events and also continue to serve on Sunday mornings. God is good and we continue to learn more and trust in Him!

So, it seems this post is about all of our family and how God is working in us. Little E enjoys chewing on his Bible (its cardboard!) and will hopefully learn from his parents how to trust and love God with his own heart!