Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rough week

Its been a rough week, but I've pulled through! Eph, of course, is doing perfectly fine! I just had some anxieties about changing our daycare rituals and making the adjustment to daycare outside of our home.

I received my first kiss from Eph on Thursday, March 18, 2010! It was so slobbery and cute, of course I cried!

Eph is now mobile. He isn't exactly crawling, but the kid is MOVING. He scoots, slides, rolls, wiggles and grunts his way around the room. He found daddy's "toys" (surround-sound equipment stuff, dvd player, PS2, etc) in the living room. He likes to push all the shiny buttons! Super cute (so I think!)

I have made the transition to getting to a gym. Its hard to get away, but at the same time I feel so much better after I move a little. Eph was able to attend with me last Friday. He played and enjoyed the company of some big kids.

I've also recently realized that it is NOT easy to shop at Target with a 10 month old kiddo. The sales are still all there, but man its hard to get there with my little guy. I just want to spend time playing with him when I get off work, but then there are SALES and FREE stuff with couponing. I try to get to Target at least once a month.

Easter is quickly approaching and I feel the greatness of this holiday. I'm so grateful that Jesus died for our sins, so we could be saved. I hope the Easter spirit is portrayed through me to Ephraim this season.

Easter Blessings!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mr. Jerret gets Rookie of the Year

My hubby, Jerret, works at Purina. He was just recently named "Rookie of the Year" for his department. In my opinion, he is already an amazing man, but it looks like the people at Purina believe it now too! Check out the photos from his award!

My Guy!

So my little guy is growing up TOO fast. At 9 1/2 months, he is certainly holding tight to his momma & daddy's heart.

At his 9 month appointment, Ephraim weighed in at 19lbs 11ounces (30%) and was 30.5 inches long (97%)! While he is not up and crawling yet, he certainly enjoys tummy time and sitting up with all his toys around him. This smart guy waves "bye bye" (even if you aren't going bye bye), stands up very well on his own and gives "kisses" (makes lip smacking if you do, too!). He is SUPER social and loves "big boys."

His cousin Noah just loves hanging out with him and tries to take care of him (by providing a paci, giving him toys and giving hugs!) Ephraim watches Noah walk, jump and run. I'm sure he will be imitating him quite soon.

Those who meet and/or care for him say things like "He is SUCH an easy going baby" or "He sure likes to Talk!" or "He is such a sweet boy." Of course we are proud and think he's just the best little man ever! 9 1/2 months is how long we waited for him in my belly and now 9 1/2 months with him, I can't ever imagine our lives without him. It seems like he has always been around :)

This update will bring some St. Patrick's day photos and some other fun 9 month events.

Enjoy--because we sure do!

He likes to look!

This is the defiant personality!
Trying to get the camera
Polka Dot St Pats Day SMILES!
SO cute!
The tongue is out a lot now!
Silly face
Lime Green JELLO for St Pat's day!
He pivots, moves and scoots backwards, but no crawling yet!
He likes to tear apart his mat and make mommy crazy!
LOVE this smile!
PJ tummy time
YES, ladies, he flirts!
The weather was SO beautiful last weekend!
We got out the slide!
I think he likes it!!!
Trying to take off the hat
Big boy at Kyra's 1st Birthday party!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Uncle JD Visits!

Uncle JD came over one night and decided to change his FIRST poopy diaper. He is now officially on the (free) babysitter list! He did great and didn't even make a mess. Way to go!

I'm pretty sure he didn't want me to take a picture of this!

Working with the poo...

Success! A clean bottom and no one got hurt! LOL!

Happy Valentines Day!

February 2010--Valentine's Day

While we don't go crazy on Valentine's Day, we do try to make each other feel special. I gave Jerret some much-needed gifts and a concert ticket. I got an air-pop machine to make tons of popcorn! Baby Eph just got our love : )

He is growing SO quickly I can hardly believe that he is my kiddo. Currently, he enjoys his days with LaShandra. They read, play, learn and JUMP! This kid loves to jump in his jumper, on your legs, or even while sitting down (although, this looks a bit like white man dancing!) LaShandra is such a great babysitter! She comes to our house and watches after Sadie, Snick and Eph.

LaShandra also takes Eph and Sadie on a walk everyday. They go around the neighborhood and get fresh air! Ephraim just LOVES the outside!

Mommy had to suck it up and once AGAIN clean out the clothes that don't fit. He is in 9 month clothing and some 12 month PJs. Our skinny guy can still wear his 6 month pants, but the onsies, Pjs and shirts all need to be 9 months.

Eph likes to roll around a lot in his crib. He especially enjoys watching you enter or leave the room. So, he still has a bald spot where his hair rubs, but he his hair is growing fast, too.

We switched to a closer pediatrician this month. Eph impressed the ladies at the office and just loved playing with his new doctor's bracelets. It was fun.

Eph met a friend from ESL class this month, too. Miaad had breakfast with us at St Louis Bread Co one Friday. She loved meeting him and is expecting a baby in August!

Silly boy, loves his puppy! Trying to "pet" here.

Playing with dad. This would be the "Oo. Oo. Monkey" which always gets giggles!
I think Sadie is a little scared in this one, but I thought it was cute!
Wow, is this kid flexible! Its funny to watch him fold in half!
Eph is gonna get some kisses after this pic!
I think they were both bored with posing for photos!
Daddy feeds little guy! Daddy says "I don't play games" but Eph says, lets play with our food!
Tummy Time!

February Eph is 8 Months

Well, my baby boy is GROWING so fast! These photos show him doing what he loves: eating! He is a great solid food eater, but is still not excited about bottle eating. We continue to try to get him to eat out of a bottle, but we might be transitioning to a sippy cup sooner than anticipated. He loves to eat "biter biscuits" or teething cookies. They smell like graham crackers and they are really hard. His slobber breaks part of the cookie down and what you see is slobbery-melted cookie all over his hands, face and bib.

Sadie dog LOVES the smell of these cookies and usually eats what is left over at the end. (You will see her patiently waiting for a bite!)

My boy is not moving or crawling, but he sure loves to see what is going on around him. He gets distracted easily! And, when we recently visited the grandparents in DuQuoin, he noticed he was NOT in his own bed. That was a rough weekend!

Bath time is SO much fun, and he loves to splash mommy and daddy. Eph likes to "bite his arm" when he is hungry. What a silly guy! It is usually just his sleeve, but it is a good signal that the kid is hungry.

Daddy tried to take baby off his pacifier, but with a cold and not feeling well we went back to it already. He still likes the soothing aspect of his paci, and mommy is having a hard time denying him of it.

Ephraim continues to be the joy of our lives!

After math--DIRTY kid, clothes and tray!
Silly Smiles!

Happy Eater!