Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hanging in Tremont!

The Birthday boy had a trip to see grandma, grandpa, uncle bill and cousin Noah in Tremont : )
 Uncle Bill and Noah decorated the driveway!
 E calls bikes "motorcycles" they are!
 Had to test drive Papa Lum's tractor!
 Cousin Noah is SERIOUS and determined to mow the lawn!
 Didnt quite figure this thing out, but still loved to play "motorcycles"
 The boys on the beach--getting ready to FISH for the first time with Papa Lum and Uncle Bill
 They ARE a pair!
 CAUGHT ONE! And it scared the poop outta him! He tried to "pet" it!
 Papa was celebrating Memorial Day with his Veteran Buddies.  Eph wanted in the action!
 Seriously cracks me up! The kid wanted a tooth pick like papa!!!
 Even more fun!
E tried on Papas hat after the event! 
Kiddo makes friends with people while we are driving around.  He waves, people honk wave and smile. He is SUCH a sweetheart and such a stinker at the same time. Growing quickly and he talks NON STOP, really.  He talks about "Noah did it." (Usually when something is broke, its Noah's fault!) He talks about stories from daycare, he tells stories about fishin, Papa, Grandma Rena, Noah, Aslice (Grandma Alice!), Ash Ash, HeyHey (Auntie Hailey!) and Ryan and Kari. We just had a big trip to Tennessee for Aunt Kari's wedding.  We were able to spend lots of time with the Batson/Swetland and Collart families. Photos to come below!

Birthday Boy Turns TWO years old!

MY BOY IS TWO!  I can't believe it, but we have been busy celebrating it, that is for sure!  Trying to stay updated on his blog is hard! Someone wants to "help" EVERY time I'm on the computer. Using nap time today to get caught up!  Birthday post, wedding post and then some fun times post!

 Grandmas Alice and Grandma Rena with the birthday boy!
Blowing out the Candles
 Cousins sharing!
 Cousins sliding together!
 Momma and the cousins.
 Grandma Rena and Eph
 Playing outside!