Saturday, August 8, 2009

Big Boy at 9 Weeks

August 6, 2009

So, I am actually posting this at the end of 9 weeks, but I thought better late than never! My little man is TALKING a ton. Not the real word talking, but baby talking and I've been trying for days to get a little on camera. He just started doing it all together, so I DID capture it on our little camera. The video is shakey and not super great (plus you might have to turn your head to see it!) BUT, he is such a big boy and talking like his daddy : ) (IT IS AT THE END--I had issues uploading and it finally worked there!)

This dream world of not working outside the home and getting paid (maternity leave) is awesome. I am SO relaxed and enjoying the time with my little one. We play everyday during his happy time and cuddle when he is sleepy and I peer while he actually sleeps. I'm ready to start having more conversations with adults; however, I am SO going to miss all our time together!

Mr. Eph had his 2 month appointment this week. With it, we had crying and tears, but also some great news! He weighs 11 lbs 11.5 ounces (nearly 12 pounds!!) and is 23.5 inches long. He is doing super with growing and weight gain. We are so happy!

Prayers for friends and family who need jobs, houses sold/bought smoothly, friends/church members/coworkers who are sick and need healing, friends who have lost relatives recently, family and friends who need to know more about God...Praises for our families opportunities in life, that we can continue to show our love for one another, for children, for our jobs that we still have, for awesome friends and family and for God's grace.

Cutie Pie!

I guess spaz wanted to go on a walk with us this time!

Cute guy

Got this one during tummy time!

Photo shoot!

Little Pooh Bear Feet

Hanging Out!

Mr. JD gets some baby time before he moves out!

Nearly a smile on camera!

Seriously, mom how many pictures can you take of me?

This is SOOOO cute!!!!!!!