Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And we're BACK!

I'm back from a long vacation of blogging. I had a sister blog going and lost track for a while. Starting a new job, getting pregnant and raising a just turned 3 year old is AWESOME.  I want to continue to offer news, updates and advice for all those mommas out there!

What's Up with us!?  Here we go

  1. We are pregnant with our SECOND boy.  And NO, we don't have any names yet.  We won't have them until delivery :)  We are due late October
  2. Eph is 3 and SO sweet, adorable and fun!  Of course he is challenging, obstinate and moody.  Welcome to living with a preschooler! 
  3. We are EXPLORING minimalism while still finding deals with coupons.  Doesn't sound like a contradiction, but to a stock piling momma--IT IS!  Join us on the journey.
  4. Both mom and dad have new jobs. New jobs=new demands.  Be patient with us.
  5. We have grown SO much closer to the Lord.  Seriously.  It will show through our posts!
  6. I still want to share great deals with you--so lets get to it!
TARGET (which I only go to once per month Unless there is a sale) has their large bags of diapers on 15% off or more clearance. Pair that up with a Target Coupon $1/1 (from 4/29 PG, expires 6/9) and the $1.50/1 Baby Dry or $1.50/1 Swaddlers from and you get a STOCK UP opportunity!  I got size 2 &3 diapers for about $0.16/diaper!

If you don't believe me, checkout one of my favorite sites, Baby Cheap Skate.  They have a cool match up weekly and a few awesome diaper growth and stock up sheet at the bottom. LOVE that site!

If you are wondering, YES I considered the cloth diaper deal. And YES I even bought some cloth diapers. I "calculated" out how much time and energy (from my home) it would cost for these cute cloth diapers and realized I wasn't going to do it. It was a hard decision, but I think I will spend my time invested in other baby stuff.

Photos of E's 3rd bday are posted on facebook and other social sites. Check em out : )