Thursday, April 23, 2009

Le Shower

Shower #1 at work was SO much fuN! I had tons of presents to open (yes, my favorite thing!) and yummy punch and CHOCOLATE cake : ) Perfect.

Some photos are from a work luncheon that was held yesterday and the shower today : ) Cute preggos all around!
Kameron (due in June), Me (due in June )and Crystal (due in July!)
Mama got her cake!

The bib is funny : )

At the luncheon: Kameron, Joan, Sue and Me--
Doisy College Dean's office gals!

Kathy, Crystal, Kim and Sherry! The MIRT girls of Doisy

Sue and Steph : )

Thursday, April 16, 2009

33 weeks= Only 7 more to go!

Wednesday, April 15--Tax Day!

Went to the doctor and she said I am doing well. The file is skinny with minimal notes and no issues, she said she likes patients like me! I like being a simple case too! Thank God for that!
I am SOOOO slowing down. I can't do all the things I use to do anymore. I am loving this cool spring weather (NOT the cold weather!) and just patiently awaiting the time to whip out my flip flops. (and be able to wear the nicer sandals to work!) My feet are big, but otherwise I am feeling super great.

The baby had the hiccups yesterday---and I think he gets them in the afternoon about 3 times per week. (Although, I can't say for sure). He was hiccuping on the side of my belly for about 10 minutes! It was so cute. I just loved it!

7 weeks to go and counting! Baby showers are: Thursday, April 23 at work!, Sunday, April 26th in DuQuoin and then Saturday, May 2 in Tremont! Come by any of them for some chocolate cake!

I don't have any super updated pics at the moment, so I will work on that. The KC boys didnt share any of their pics from their phone with me.....hmmmm...boys? Any pics from your trip to STL? LMK!

Here are a few pictures of Melissa, my work friend at SLU, and I. This was last fall when we were acting silly after eating too many chocolate fruit cups! I was thinking of these photos because I wanted to wear this dress to my showers.....but remembered that I won't fit! Ah well!
Good One
Ah! More chocolate!

The food was SOOO good!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Diapers Links!

For those who need or want to request some extra diapers! Here are two different links!

Yes, through Walmart again here
And through Huggies here!

Enjoy or request some to your house for others to enjoy!

Yanni Voices

I got a CD to review and wanted to write a quick blurb about it! I got Yanni Voices and thought I would share with the fam that it is uplifting and soothing! I think the baby boy likes it too! We will be listening while he is here in June and crying : )

Thursday, April 9, 2009

First big boy haircut!

So, I missed the biggest milestone in my nephew's life. His NEW haircut! I mean, seriously, he was looking so much like a girl that everyone thought he was a baby girl with his cute pouty face and long curls! I wish I could have seen the transformation first hand, but photos work good too!
Here is the rockstar (minus the sad face.....this is a good pic though! Thanks to Noah's daddy!)
Babe, I mean BIG BOY Noah's FIRST haircut!
Cameron and his two friends from KC are visiting this weekend. I'm sure we will have some cool pictures of the City Musee and other fun activities with the boys. Safe travels!!
We have TONS to be thankful for in April! And lots on our hearts too. We hope you can keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We are super thankful for a continued healthy pregnancy (minus the swollen feet!), for the beautiful weather, for seeing family and friends, and for all other great things God has provided.
We would like to pray for Lum's shoulder healing, wisdom for our baby's name and future caretaker, Bill's life that is so quickly heading up hill for him!, baby Kyra, three babies Hardee, (work) Katie, Jason and Amy's new babies, financial wisdom, understanding God's new challenges in our lives, our marriage to continue to grow, Jerret's classes/finals, our new pastor and his family, pregnant friends, friends who have houses to sell (Laura/Greg and Heather/JR), friends who are closing or moving into a new house, friends and family members who need jobs and those who need God in their lives too.