Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Magic House Play Date

Eph and I met up with my friend from work, Kameron, and her son Jakob. The two boys were born one week apart. Too fun. The boys really enjoyed the toddler section at the Magic House. We enjoyed it, too. Some parts were great for moms. We could even relax in the lego area!
Practicing driving a boat for next summer. Papa Lum plans to take his grandsons fishing!
Already, he looks like a pro!
E loved the farm house where you opened and closed doors. He thought it was funny, and he was pretty serious at getting the work done! Many photos to prove it!
All doors open. Petting the animals inside!
Closeup view of the "work"
So cute!
Loved the soft, big legos!
Hard to get these two movers in the same photo! Not a great one, but close enough!
Showing off his new car. Pretty proud. He "drove" at the Magic House

Good pic of Kameron and her son, Jakob.
Sandbox area. The boys BOTH had sand around their mouths. EW! I guess I'm not exploring new textures and tastes....but still....EW!
Two guys playing in the sand.
Eph showing his shovel skills
Pic of the sand area....pretty cool!

Tigger and the Park!

Jerret surprised us with a kitty in June! Mr. Tigger is the yellow cutie pie getting harassed by Eph below. No, really, Tigger just adores Eph. They play together quite often!

Momma and Eph like to take off to the park. In June and July we went a few times together. Sometimes, we met friends from Rooftop, other times we just basked in each other, the sun, and the lovely weather God blessed us with!
Picnicking for the first time. Left the blanket a few times...didn't get the concept really. Why stay on the blanket when there is a world of rocks, bugs and leaves to play in?
First time on a swing outside.
I think he likes it!
Not sure where/how to hold on, but OH so cute!

Trying to play on the big kid toys. Makes him look little!

Ran away from picnic and found dirt!

Tremont Turkey Fest 2010 June 11-13

Momma was tramatized by the eating makeup the car ride was stressful. BUT, we made it to T-town and had fun. Here is E hanging at gmas!

PaPa and E
@ Festival, Bill and Momma

Batson Fam celebrating TURKEY FEST!
E was too little to ride, he watched from the stroller!
Cousin Noah riding the choo choo!
Cousin Noah waving to all his "peeps"
Strapping In--Uncle Bill helps Noah! Safety First!

Giggles with grandma. The two cousins!

Firsts: Swimming and Calling Poison Control

My little guy's first summer in the pool! He just loves his froggy pool. He swam with grandmas one time...and below are the times we swam on a weekend with mommy and daddy. He is wearing his SPF sunshirt and cutie pie swim trunks!
What a cutie!
He loves the water
Pretty mad here, just wanting to get in that pool!

Trying to help with the sunscreen. Nope, we don't eat it...which leads to....
Calling poison control on June 11. He wasn't scared, but I sure was!
Yes, bub, you now have a record!
Eph enjoying momma's semi-liquid blush
Not ashamed here! It was ALL over his body and the floor. Of course, it got on his mouth because he chomped on the round container trying to eat it!

Summer 2010: Busy!

I'm attempting to catch up here...So, here we are June 5. A week long celebration of my baby boy turning ONE year old! We had a keg party for Eph's college fund! It was a BBQ, too!

"Our Rockstar Ephraim is Turning One!"

Daddy and Birthday Boy
Pre-party fun! Daddy blew up a ton of balloons!

High Chair all ready!
Cake, napkins and plates....ALL ROCKIN!

Kam, Melis (with Vi) & Nate
Jacki and Laura
Dan & Don