Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Check out my CHOMPERS!

Eph's top four teeth have come in and QUICKLY! He has a "cheese" smile when the camera comes out. Luckily, I can capture a shot of his teeth. Check out this cutie pie. (Click on the picture and it will get bigger, too!)
Oh, and YES, I am aware that he needs a haircut. I was just trying to hold out until after his first birthday.....we will see how long Daddy can wait.

Cardinals Opening Day

Eph is all ready for opening day! We didn't get to go to the game, but he watched some of the game on TV :) Technically, this is Eph's second Cards game. I went in late May with Jerret and his "work wife" Suzie. Suzie gave Eph this ball shortly after he was born. Go Cards!

My Big Guy!

So, he continues to grow. I am SO amazed at the difference in him within just a few weeks. Our babysitter is helping us teach him to crawl, walk with assistance, sign language and Italian (her, not us!) Plus, Eph eats SO good for Louiza! He loves eating what the big kids eat.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ephraim is 10 months

Batson Family, Easter 2010 @ Rooftop Community Church
Easter Egg Hunt at Home, Easter 2010
Look at all those eggs!
Smiles after the ears come off!
Tasting the eggs!
Eggs we colored!
At church!
Cute moment captured at the Church Egg Hunt!
Momma and Big Boy Eph! We got THREE eggs!
He didnt want to let go of that yellow egg!
Daddy shows Eph his eggs
Miss Erin asked "who wants some Easter eggs!?" Eph raised his hand!
Pep talk before the hunt!
Basket from Grandma (Sadie is helping!)
Sporting the I LOVE NY onesie!

I am in complete denial that my baby is 10 months old. He is looking more and more like a toddler every day and I'm sad! I can't believe that he has been out of the womb longer than he was in it. It's hard to believe that my guy weighs over 20lbs and is SUPER long! It is also hard to believe that he will be walking soon. Every time I think of all these things together, I cry. Let's face it, I'm emotional all the time. I buy, eat, and argue on emotion. So, these milestones we have passed so quickly and his growth is really hard for momma.

Some updates from a few weeks ago:

Ephraim received a visit from his Aunt Kari and NEW Uncle-to-be Ryan. They got engaged last weekend! Eph also met Diana, Ethan, Jordan and Ricci! He had so much fun being the center of attention!

Grandma Rena visited to go with me to the Kids Resale Event. It was super fun and we shopped till we dropped.

Grandma Alice drove through over Easter weekend and stopped for a bit, too.

Eph had his first Easter Egg hunt on Saturday at Rooftop Community Church. He found three eggs! He also had an egg hunt at home on Sunday. (Pics to come soon!)

Eph figured out how to roll and roll and roll to get things he wants. While other babies figure this out quickly, he figured it out a little late. He continues to scoot, roll, push and move towards all things electronic (daddy's toys!) and all things he shouldn't have! He is such a big guy!

While reminiscing about my baby, I finally edited some video. I have compiled a video and hope it will upload here! (I always have issues with slow uploading or errors!) I hope you enjoy it!