Monday, November 21, 2016

Shrimp Boil Fundraiser RECAP

Just an update, we had a BLAST at the Shrimp Boil fundraiser. We are SO thankful for ALL who came to eat, chat and support us in our adoption.
We appreciate you!
We made $970 at the event! What a blessing!
We are another step closer to our fundraising goal!

I was so busy, I forgot to take (a lot) of photos...Here are a couple I managed to grab!

It's NOT too late to support our adoption! Check out our GoFundMe page!

We had some photos and details about our adoption! Thanks to ASHLEY for
setting it up and making it look cute :) 
A LOT of details went into this event, and we had to keep humor on our side!
We had a blast pulling it all together with my dad, Lummy. 
IN ACTION! These two (and Billy!) cooked their hearts out!

Double Trouble IN and OUT of the kitchen!

A sweet lady helped us keep the customers happy! 

SIBLING love :) We worked together and didn't fight. Haha. LOVE YOU bro!