Thursday, April 9, 2009

First big boy haircut!

So, I missed the biggest milestone in my nephew's life. His NEW haircut! I mean, seriously, he was looking so much like a girl that everyone thought he was a baby girl with his cute pouty face and long curls! I wish I could have seen the transformation first hand, but photos work good too!
Here is the rockstar (minus the sad face.....this is a good pic though! Thanks to Noah's daddy!)
Babe, I mean BIG BOY Noah's FIRST haircut!
Cameron and his two friends from KC are visiting this weekend. I'm sure we will have some cool pictures of the City Musee and other fun activities with the boys. Safe travels!!
We have TONS to be thankful for in April! And lots on our hearts too. We hope you can keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We are super thankful for a continued healthy pregnancy (minus the swollen feet!), for the beautiful weather, for seeing family and friends, and for all other great things God has provided.
We would like to pray for Lum's shoulder healing, wisdom for our baby's name and future caretaker, Bill's life that is so quickly heading up hill for him!, baby Kyra, three babies Hardee, (work) Katie, Jason and Amy's new babies, financial wisdom, understanding God's new challenges in our lives, our marriage to continue to grow, Jerret's classes/finals, our new pastor and his family, pregnant friends, friends who have houses to sell (Laura/Greg and Heather/JR), friends who are closing or moving into a new house, friends and family members who need jobs and those who need God in their lives too.

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