Friday, July 3, 2009

Bath Time and More photo fun!

July 3, 2009

The baby boy Ephraim is growing SO much. I can hardly believe another week has gone by : ) We have lots of fun during the day. Of course, he eats as much and often as possible : ) (I guess he IS like his mom in some way!) We usually watch Rachel Ray together in the a.m. Eph stares at me and I talk in baby voice about how good the food looks and so on : ) Then, there is nap time for baby and mom gets stuff done around the house. Then after a wake up snack, we take a walk around the neighborhood. If baby falls asleep, mom gets a shower! Otherwise, we play some more and hang out. Sometimes he enjoys his swing, or we do tummy time on the mat. We eat some more and play more. Its all really quite fun! Every once in a while we go out to the bank or the drive-thru Starbucks! Yeah!

Summer is flying by with the little man, and before you know it I will have to be back at work again. I am just so thankful to have all this time with him. Here are some pictures from our numerous photo shoots : )

A photo shoot for Grandmas!

Sleepy times with daddy.

Going to Starbucks and the Bank!

Back and Tummy time on the cool kiddo mat!
Just because I'm cute!

He liked the bath after he realized it was warm!

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