Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life is good and so are we!

September 27, 2009

So, life is good and so is the Batson family. While we could all use a little more sleep (little man has decided to NOT sleep through the night anymore) we are doing great, super healthy and happily adjusting to the craziness of our lives.

Updates: Jerret started his MBA classes--super stressful, so please keep him in your prayers. Steph is back to work and....having a hard time adjusting to work/baby time/wife time/personal time. It seems there are always adjustments and while work is challenging and engaging, it is also a little stressful and overwhelming. Steph is volunteering with ESL students one night a week.

I will have some photos to post here after this post...please stick with us! We love getting comments about our posts and keeping everyone updated about little Ephraim and our family!

We have some photo catching up to do!

Ephraim at 12 weeks.....

Cute little belly!

Favorite thing to do--chew on fingers!

Cute surprise face!

He really does love his bumbo chair--just too many pics!

All smiles!

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