Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Boy Ephraim

October 15, 2009--4 and a 1/2 months old!

I can't really remember now how old in weeks my little guy is. I was always wanting him to be the "older" even if he was IN his 12 week, I would say "nearly 13 weeks!" I know, I know, its a little silly, but I wanted my little guy to be a big guy. Now, at 4.5 months old, he is a BIG boy and I wish he was little again.

Ephraim has rolled from his back to his belly, started saying his vowels and consonants (today its MMMM as, in for MOMMY!), and is actually scooting around when he is on his back. Daddy continues to get little guy to laugh by making silly faces and playing with him. Eph gets a really determined look on his face while kicking. Also, when he is super excited (usually about food!) he starts kicking like crazy. This kid is ready to move!

Little guy started on some rice cereal and is weighing in at 14lbs 14 ounces! He continues to get most of his nutrition from breast milk. He is growing SO much everyday its crazy. Jerret and I just love spending time with him and watching him grow! Here are some photos to update. Maybe a video, if blogger lets me :)

Mid-kick photo
Cutie Pie Smile--Melts my Heart!
Mommy's cuddle bug

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Melissa said...

He is growing so fast - such a cutie!!