Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Guy

The little man turns ONE YEAR OLD so soon! I am really excited to celebrate with family, but when I remember what I am celebrating I get sad. I can hardly believe how quickly this year has flown by. Last night E was hanging on the couch with me and he kept trying to look at my belly. I told him "this is where you lived last year at this time." He laughed and smacked my belly to make a noise. He thought it was hilarious.

And, I can say that E's official first word was "SADIE." Jerret and I yell for her outside or say hello or goodbye to Sadie (dog) every day. I think we say her name more than each others--we just never realized it. Little man just mimics everything we do and lots of what we say.

He does say "mommy" a lot now for me. I really love just melts my heart. (He still uses mama or mommy for other things too, but he is associating it with me also!)

Louiza told me yesterday that a little boy said something like "Ew. Barbie. Yuck" in response to another child at daycare. Eph copied the boy and said Uuuk. (or his yuck). They are big sponges right now!

We have really been blessed lately! We have a replacement car from Jerret's accident with minimal issues. And, the best part is....I GET TO DRIVE IT :) Jerret is so patient with me....but he did say I could drive the new vehicle. I just love it. A Honda CRV!

Summer and the heat is at our door. I'm just excited to watch E enjoy the summer and his first birthday. Pics to come after the first celebration (yes, we are having 2 celebrations!)
Stay cool!

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