Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eph's birthday and fun parties pics!

As promised, here they are!
(They are sorta backwards...but you will get the point!)
The families all came over the weekend before his birthday to celebrate!

Eph, Grandpa, Uncle Bill, Cousin Noah and Gram Rena!
Uncle Bill & Noah!
Handsome guys in orange!
The cake from Ash & Kroger
Opening gifts...
Uncle Greg and the boys! Eek!
The dirty mess--but, hey he shared with momma!
The dirty finale!
Almost dirty
Eating with a fork!?!? How sweet!
Blowing out the candle
Fam shot!
YUM! First cake
Cute cake!
Awaiting the cake
Fam hanging out
Gram helping out and Noah supervising
Gram Alice made his outfit!

Big boy's chair, balloons and poster
Decorated Hutch
His college shirt, 1 crown and a cute bib!
A new chair from Gram Alice
Oh...I miss that long hair!
My boys it!

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