Sunday, September 25, 2016

2016 Updates and NEWS

Yup! It's 2016 and this blog has sat vacant for a while. We DO have an awesome family and we are SUPER crazy busy.

Here is a photo of us doing an impromptu family day within the margin of our busy lives.
Batson Family Photo

E is 7 years old, Grey is nearly 4 years old....and as their parents, we are.....tired :) 

We have 2 awesome and active boys, and we have a FAMILY ANNOUNCEMENT!

We are ADOPTING a little girl!

We have been prayerful and trying to find a program that would work for our family, we decided an international adoption with All God's Children agency and the country of Colombia is our path. 
We will TOTALLY need YOUR help, love, support, kindness and donations to walk
this amazing journey. We have NO immediate time lines, but we COULD have a sweet 
girl (under the age of Grey. 0-4 years old) between 12 and 36 months from TODAY!

Stay tuned on our blog for MORE info and this space will become details of our journey.

If you have tons of extra cash and want to support us monetarily, here is a link! We started a
Go Fund Me account to assist in the over $35,000 it will take to bring a sweet girl HOME forever.

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Unknown said...

Ah! I'm so excited! You know Colombia holds a special place in my heart and I'm so excited that your little bundle of joy is coming from there! Ekk!!