Sunday, December 3, 2017

Wrapping and Weeping

I wrapped presents for over two hours today...and while wrapping, I wept. 

I cried for the unknown, for the possibility of not being able to see the JOY when the boys open the gifts they have been waiting for quite a while, and for the possibility of NOT having our daughter home for Christmas. I also cried for the great blessings God has poured on us, shared with us and given us even though we don't even deserve it! We are truly blessed!

God has been whispering messages of love and encouragement in our hardest struggle with our adoption yet. We KNOW who our girl is....but we can't see, talk or enjoy her love.... yet.  I heard in a few different ways this week....that GOD's WAY is the BEST way, even when we think otherwise.

Putting on the Star, A coveted role.

My 8 year old, E, wanted a special surprise this week. What he DIDN'T know is that I had an even BIGGER one planned. So when I told him "No." it took a lot of restraint for me to NOT share the secret, fun and BIGGER surprise.

These kids sure know how to teach a mama. Here is E ice skating for the first time! He fell SO many times, and just got back up and went again!

I heard God in my head...He said, SEE....I KNOW the best timing for your baby girl. No matter how hard you try to organize, overnight files, plan ahead and push the timing for her arrival.....I'VE GOT SOMETHING BIGGER AND BETTER.

I also had a hard week with immigration and a piece of our file was missing. I really pride myself on double, triple and quadruple checking, but something had to have happened to our missing document. Either way, I cried again.  I really cried because I have been reminded SO many times that this is GOD'S TIMING....and yet I try to do it within my ability. I keep turning to HIM and he keeps forgiving me for thinking I can actually control it.

See the PORTION of our adoption paperwork....KINDA organized at the moment!

Lots of time to reflect and indulge in just the sweet sweet time I have as a mom of only boys....until sweet baby girl comes home. This part of the journey is NOT easy, but I am joyful that our daughter will be with us soon.

Next steps, awaiting immigration approval....then TRAVEL!~

Please keep us in your prayers. For ALL. THE.THINGS!

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