Monday, November 17, 2008

BIG News

So, our BIG News is---

We're having a baby!

Baby Batson will be 12 weeks in the making tomorrow! We are one short week away from the second tri-mester and I could NOT keep this secret any longer!

Daddy Jerret is really excited and visited the last appointment at 11 weeks. Sometime in January we will find out if our baby is a boy or girl! And, of course we will continue to update this blog (more often now!) to give you baby updates.

I haven't been really sick, just nauseous and VERY picky when eating. I'm still working out (as much as possible with all that fatigue!) and trying to be healthy for baby and me. For the family who asked: we are getting a baby Christmas list ready. Be patient--because I have to!

A new member of the Batson family will join us on or around JUNE 2, 2009!

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erin said...

i am sooooooo excited for you but sooooo confused all at the same time! ben told me you were expecting about a month ago when i was up in MN. did you guys tell him and di or did he just make that up?! :-) anyway. i've been meaning to call you and tell you congrats in person... or, in voice, but we've been super busy lately. that and i have no idea when is a good time for you. when i was preggo i'd take naps a lot so i definitely don't want to disturb you! :-) glad you're feeling pretty well. i'm sooooooooooo super excited for you guys. you'll be wonderful parents! can't wait to talk to you more! congrats to jarret too!