Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Breakfast, Bible, Blog

So, I was told a few times that I need to update my blog more often. SO, here it is friends. I am trying a new morning routine out. First, I'll eat breakfast--because who can blog on an empty stomach? Then, I will do my morning devotions (or try to!) Then, after God and food are out of the way, I will blog it up.

Basement update: Jerret and his buddies are making some great strides towards the basement remodel. They have made a bigger mess than even I can imagine! Now, to clean up and add in some new walls! I will take a few shots and post them tomorrow. The goal is now to have drywall up by or near Dec 1. That sounds good to me!

Baby update: the word is out and I'm getting excited with my expanding waistline. This week, we are a PEACH. Check out the Bump's weekly fruit anaology! I'm feeling pretty good and moving around a lot more than the first weeks. I am "officially" in the SECOND TRIMESTER! A little overwhelmed with labor/delivery realities, but I am excited (already!) to meet a new Batson. Please pray for my trust in God that He will help me through labor and delivery and to not worry too much. Also, we are super blessed with both having jobs, but we do need to trust God more about our finances and a babysitter for future babe Batson.

What's new? Stephanie joined a Monday night women's small group at Rooftop Community Church I really love meeting weekly and talking about Christian ideas and the Bible. Its wonderful. We just decorated the church last night (ok, so I talked a lot, hung a few ornaments and drank hot chocolate) so I will try to get photos next Sunday!

Jerret update: he works all the time! The basement is his life, but he still enjoys snoozing off on the couch with Sadie Mae.

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