Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Since we won't be sending out our (late) Christmas cards and letter this year, I thought I would update here!

As you know, we are expecting a baby on June 2, 2009! Our BIG ultrasound is January 9 and quickly approaching. Make sure to visit often because we will have an update on baby boy or girl Batson :)

The year 2008 started out in a new home in St Louis. Jerret was working at Barnes and Noble and Stephanie at SLU. Stephanie had a huge video launch to promote the college. (See it HERE) She worked really hard with Coolfire Media in St Louis!

In February, Cameron from Kansas City came to visit! He wanted to learn a little about Steph's video and what to do in college. We had a good time showing him Coolfire's loft office and a few other neat St Louis places! In March, we visited Doug in Chicago and both went on trips with friends to Memphis, TN.

March was also when Jerret took a NEW job at Purina. He works days and not weird hours now!! We are so proud of him for taking a leap and getting the job! April took us to Indianapolis, IN for little Sarah Brush's wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher really know how to throw a party!

In May, Rayna graduated from high school and in July we took a Batson family float trip on the black river in Missouri. (Dirty, but fuN!) Our friend Brandon was married to a great woman in central IL in July too.

September, we went on a bachelor/bachelorette party to Kentucky Lake for Jerret's dad Mike. We had a blast there! In October, Mike and Ashley became Mr. and Mrs. Batson! We had fun being in the wedding and sharing OUR great news with family.

October, November and December consisted of doctor's appointments, excitement, and family visits. From Tremont to DuQuoin to St Louis we were always visiting family!

We hope 2009 brings you and your family as many blessings as our year has in store for our new family!

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Fabulous picture of you look great! Miss you guys!