Monday, December 1, 2008


So we were ready to get out of town for Thanksgiving and here are some photos and comments. We went to Tremont and had a great time. We even went shopping on black Friday! (Of course we only picked up a faucet and a light for the house!) We had dinner with Beth, Drew, Brandon and Gayle and a lunch date with Gary and his wife, Lindsay! Whew, were we glad to see everyone and then head home BEFORE the snow hit our area!

Aunt Deb, Steph and Rena after a HUGE Thanksgiving dinner! YUM

Babe, Noah playing with his new Christmas present. A CAT tractor from Aunt Pooh (Aunt Steph)

Baby Noah and daddy.

He is TOO cute! Love that hat, kiddo!

Noah learned how to kiss, he LICKS you! I love baby kisses

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