Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kick Kick Away

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It took me all holiday break to finally concentrate and feel the baby kicking! At first I thought it was a twitch, but then I realized baby was kicking and moving a lot!

As Friday gets closer and the mystery of baby boy or baby girl will hopefully draw to a close, I find myself SUPER excited, anxious and grateful. I'm so happy to have supportive family and friends who ask about baby all the time and help with baby items. Plus, I feel sorry for those who don't have kids yet and have to listen to me talk ALL the time about baby stuff. From what I know, it doesn't ever change. Its now ALL about the kids : )

So, I take time every day or night to feel baby kick a little. Sometimes (like just a few moments ago) I can feel him/her kick while working, moving, cooking, etc. It is QUITE exciting!

Lots of praises
--Jerret did well on his GMAT and awaits official entrance into the MBA program soon, our friend Cheryl's cancer is gone, we had an amazing holiday break, we continue to hold down our jobs--despite the economy, our family is healthy and we are growing our friendship circle.
Prayer for finding a babysitter, a visible ultra sound (so we can know!), small and study group friends and their requests, friends at work who are suffering and need God's love, for a healthy delivery, for our friend Katie who has triplets!, for Stephanie who is in Germany and just had baby Elena, for JD our new roommate, for pregnant work friends and church friends, and for Jerret and I to grow closer to God.
Spaz is helping mom clean out a cabinet for JD, our roommate.
New photo from New Year's eve of S and J

16 week belly with cat on the ground.

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erin said...

what a cute little bump! thanks for sharing a picture! i'm so glad you got to feel baby kick. it was the best thing about being pregnant, i though. i totally missed it after the kids were born. and you're right... it's all about the kids now!
glad to hear you guys are doing well. we continue to think about you guys and pray for you. hey... who's the new roommate? thanks for the updates! can't wait till friday! :-)