Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nursery Weekend

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This weekend was quite busy and exciting with Grandma Rena, Uncle Bill, Grandma Alice and Grandpa Gordon in town helping with some painting at the house. They painted the nursery and the dining room (along with some help from Eric, JD and Jerret).

Since last Friday, I've tried to put some pictures of baby boy Batson on the blog but have had a few issues with technology. If I ever get this figured out, I'll post again. In addition, Jerret has officially been accepted to Saint Louis University's Master of Business Administration program! He begins classes in early February! I started an online class for teaching and have visited a few schools to see if teaching might be for me : )

Praises: good health for us, family and friends. For a wonderful weekend with family and for baby blessing gifts. Kyle's issues are resolved, Cheryl's cancer is gone, and healthy pregnancies at church and work. Prayer for guidance in my career, for Jerret's classes, for finding the right babysitter, for those at church who got the flu, for Katie, Julie, and all the other pregnant women that I have forgotten already! for our small groups, our work friends and for Marcy who has breast cancer and is due with a baby in May.

Momma Steph in the new GREEN nursery
Grandma Alice, Steph and Bill

Grandma Rena and Steph

Grandma Rena, Steph, Grandma Alice in the new nursery!

Steph and Jerret in the new nursery : )

Up close, belly love.
Belly and kisses : )
The beautiful crib from Grandpa Mike and Grandma Ashley : )

Billy was "managing" the painting at this point : ) He was tired!
Eric and Jerret priming the dining room

Brother and Sister at the end of a long weekend : )


erin said...

oh you look so cute!!! i love your belly!
the room looks great. you guys are on the ball. i don't think we had samantha's crib until she was almost 3 months old.... :-)

love the updates!

Melissa Tenholder said...

Great pictures!

Stephanie R. said...

Steph, I love the green nursery. I can't wait until we move to an apartment/house where we can have a room for Elena. Right now her crib is in the living room, clothes and changing table in the study... but somehow we're making it. By the way, you look great!