Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Babies baby!

Wednesday, March 4
So, we have been busy with pregnant friends and keeping up with their deliveries and fun stuff! Katie had her three boys (see link on the side) and Julie is still awaiting the arrival of her little boy! My friend Jason just had his son last night and I got to see him THIS MORNING! I was at the doc and ran down to see him while awaiting my glucose screening! SO exciting to see all the little ones : )
Here are some great pictures from my trip to Tremont to see Ma, Dad, Bill and Noah! Please continue to pray for Noah's health--he had a fever seizure and was in the ER! Lum is still recovering from his shoulder surgery and we have lots of family and friends who need jobs! Please keep us in your prayers!
Bill and Baby in PJs
He is QUITE the stinker!

Sweet kisses!

Reading a book!

Got caught playing with the pictures!

27 weeks!! Only 13 to go!
Now in the 3rd trimester!


erin said...

look how cute you are!!!!
i can't believe you're already 27 weeks. before you know it you'll be oohing and aahing over your own little one!

Stephanie R. said...

You look absolutely beautiful!