Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friends and Family!

Monday, March 16, 2009
So we have had LOTS of friends and family visit lately. It is so great to see them all and we are so lucky to be blessed with them in our lives. Last weekend, Eric from D.C. (and Jerret's old college roommate) visited for the Missouri Valley Conference! We watched SIU-C lose, but it was a good time! The boys continued their fun and we had a SIUC reunion dinner of sorts at Atomic Cowboy. YUM!

The SIUC gang at Atomic Cowboy in St Louis after the game Friday!

This past weekend Mike, Jerret's dad, and his new wife Ashley visited! We had such a great time hanging out, shopping for baby stuff and relaxing! We had a great time seeing them!!!
Mike and Ashley got us a BEAUTIUFL new dresser and changing table in one :)
They also got us the lovely crib (that matches!) earlier in the year! Baby is blessed!
Ashely hanging some cute POOH stuff on the walls!

Stephanie and Ashley!

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erin said...

i'm so glad i clicked on the pictures, otherwise i wouldn't have notice the buttload (no pun) of diapers or wipes that you have under and behind the crib! you are prepared, girl!