Thursday, July 16, 2009

Smiles and Summer Fun

He smiles for mommy!!!!!!
July 16, 2009
My big boy is 6 weeks old this week! I can hardly believe that I have been so blessed with such an amazing little guy. AND, my friend Crystal had her baby boy, Evan. Eph and I will be going to visit her in the hospital to meet Evan. I know they will be best buds :)

So this week Ephraim has started to smile and giggle a lot. He seems to be learning about the world around him because he always wants to hold his head up and look around. He is super sweet and cuddly too. He loves hanging with mommy all day, but laughs at daddy when he gets home. He melts my heart!

Since Eph is not really sleeping too much at night, Jerret solicited some help from an experienced momma at church. I talked with Julie about her "method" and we are trying it this week. So far, so good! Ephraim still enjoys sleeping a its hard to introduce a new way of living for the little man who eats constantly! Maybe by August we will all be sleeping through the night!

An update on the house--JD has adopted a puppy named Jasper! Jasper is now Sadie's new boyfriend! They are best buds and enjoy chasing one another in the yard! Jasper is a mild 9 month old and is a good boy! He is such a sweetie. There are pics of him!

In honor of the All-Star game hosted here in St Louis and our favorite baseball team, the Cardinals, Ephraim is wearing his baseball all-stars outfit : ) AND, I finally caught ONE photo of him smiling!!!!!!
Some fun photos to update....
My All-Star!
Showing off the faux-hawk!

PJ Time

My Little Man
Not so happy, but SO darn cute!
Sadie (left) and Jasper (right) cuddling on the couch after a long run outside!

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He's growing so much!