Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ephraim's Baby Dedication at Rooftop Community Church

Ephraim was dedicated at church Sunday, November 30, 2009 at second service. He was greeted on stage by Pastor Matt, our friend from small group. Pastor Matt saw Eph grow in mommy's belly and is so supportive of our family. Eph was a little grumpy that day and wasn't his usual self, so he was quiet on stage. The few times he went to small group at Matt's house he "talked" or jabbered the whole time (hmmm...sound like anyone you know?) He liked all the lights, guitars and people to stare at, that is for sure. Matt asked Mom and Dad if we would care for him and raise him in a Christian home, then Matt asked the congregation (which included all types of the grandparents!). The answer for both was "I do." So great to know we have a a church family who is supportive and helpful in raising our kiddos. The dedication was quick, but meaningful to our family!

Pastor Matt with Eph, Steph and Jerret

After church, little man was pooped! Sleeping on Gram Alice
Cheesing it up with Gram Ashley
Collins Clan at Rooftop! Lum, Bill and Rena
A prayer for my little guy

Pastor Matt with Ephraim, S & J on stage : )
Our family with the cake!
Grandpa Lummy and Little man Eph. (They are making the same smirk!)
The cake!
At Church, the Batson Fam on Eph's big day

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What an exciting day to celebrate!