Monday, November 30, 2009

Photo Shoot

November 2009

Jerret decided to take a trip and get some outdoor photos of Eph. It was 65 degrees outside and gorgeous. We tried to find places we could "hide" while still holding him up. It was pretty fun and tiring. Jerret is actually better at taking shots of Eph, but I took a few good ones too. We are at a cemetery in Affton. We thought it would be pretty....and it was. It was quiet, reflective and colorful. I just love my boys!

Talking about Jesus and the cross. Daddy and Eph

Attempting to get a cute shot, but the boy would NOT close his mouth!
Hope for the future, for love and for Eph.
Cracking up at Hope
Thinking of hope
Cute colors and cute pants!

I love this one!
Yummy fingers!
Big guy!

Funky Tree
Check me out. I'm a big guy!

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Melissa said...

looks like a fun outing!