Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ephraims FIRST Christmas!

Well, we decided to stick around STL for Christmas--just in case the weather was bad. We didn't want to be on the road traveling too far with baby boy. Plus, we wanted to see the joy in his eyes when he opened presents (or mommy opened them for him!) We had Lum, Rena, Billy and Noah on Christmas day. Lum made us a yummy pork tenderloin for dinner! Then, the next day Alice, Gordo, Kari, Mike and Ash came to see baby and celebrate. What a joyous time :)
We did find out on Dec 26 that our baby Spaz was dying of kitty cancer. I was very upset and everyone in the family felt sad too. He wasn't given very long to live, but he was with us until January 19. May he rest in peace (will have another post for him!) I was so overwhelmed with emotion, that I didn't take any pictures when my in-laws were here. There are some on facebook, but I Hope to update the post after I get some of their pictures.

Eph, Christmas morning
Momma with her boys: Eph and Spaz
Eph was looking all over the place! Too much going on!
Daddy, Mommy and the boys
Grandpa Lummy and Eph
Cousin Noah
Eph with Uncle Billy
Ephraim with his FIRST Christmas present, Christmas morning!
Trying to wake daddy on Christmas morning!
Showing off on Christmas morning!
Hanging with his glow worm!
Eph in a sleep sack, Christmas Eve 2009
Pretending in his cute santa outfit. Christmas Eve, 2009
Presents, a tree and a happy baby!
Cutie pie in front of the tree!

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