Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mr. Spaz, Rest In Peace

An entire blog devoted to my late cat, Spaz, isn't enough. He was such an awesome cat and my best friend, its hard to imagine life without him. I've had Spaz for 8 years, I got him in DuQuoin, IL in 2001 and he helped me get through SIU-C, he cuddled with me when Jerret moved to St Louis and I was still in school in Carbondale, he kept my parents company while I was in France, he moved to North Carolina and spent a lot of time outside (by sneaking out!), he ruled our first home together, he was happy when we got married, he helped me graduate from NC State, he missed me when I went to France (again), he helped us through our unemployment in North Carolina and moved back with us to St. Louis and became friends with Mr. JD. He has been the cornerstone in our lives and he will be missed--immensely. Here are some quick (ok, a lot!) photos of him that I had on my hard drive. YES, I have too many photos of my pets. I am aware that it is a problem, but now I know why God wanted me to take so many photos. LIFE IS SHORT!
Sleepy guy--keeping the chair warm!

Helping put groceries away in the cabinet!

Keeping laundry warm!
I LOVE to dress up my pets : ) Spaz, on the other hand, didn't like it so much!
Again, with the sleeping on laundry!
Smiles for the camera
Loves to be in the Christmas tree!

Exploring the new house
Halloween Time!
He's a pumpkin!
Stretching and leaving North Carolina
Saying farewell to his favorite room.
Helping pack!
Christmas in NC
Helping mom scrapbook and stamp. Its hard work being this cute!

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