Sunday, May 9, 2010

Car accident

Jerret's car accident was quite scary. I have photos of what his poor car look like, but not his bruising and marks. He is so blessed to have been spared and protected by God. We could have had a really, really bad week. I was able to stay home Thursday to help take him to a few doctor appointments. At the moment, it looks just like bruising is the only thing wrong. We are awaiting the results of a final CT scan early in the week.
A few quick details: Jerret was run off the road intentionally by another driver (who left the scene) in the city Wednesday night. He ran into a telephone poll to avoid an accident and the airbags went off and he and JD were not taken to the ER. The damage to the car is pretty bad. We are blessed that both boys were protected and are (seemingly) ok from the accident.

Thank you for your prayers.


LauraW said...

Oh those pics are so scary! We're so glad Jerret and JD are okay.

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