Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh boy oh boy! Summer 2010

Summer 2010
A lot has gone on over the last month! I'll try to capture some of little guys actions, trips and outings! He is SUCH a blessing in our lives.

The kiddo started walking....on his own September 9. First steps were Thursday, August 19. I'm working a video, but don't have it up online yet.

We love hanging with E and going outside with him. He is a great eater and LOVES his veggies. We are trying to spend as much time as possible with him despite the busy stuff in our lives.

E picked at shared an apple with daddy-o
Happy on a tractor! Woah, loved it!
Trying to get a cute pic on a pumpkin...this was it.
Loves giving out love! Kisses for daddy-o.
I tried to get the two cousins INSIDE the tepee, but this was as close as I got. Too much to see and do at the Science Center
E is trying to show Grandpa Lummy how to fish! HA. Just teasing!
He is practicing!
"This is my boom stick." Matching orange shirts for J's birthday!
Grandma Alice giving the cousins a bath!
E at the Science Center...boy, he loved those trains!
Noah fishing at the Science Center!
A smoky tornado
My handsome the beginning of our Science Center trip!
J & S in Mexico...Yes, on camels
Steph's fav place...the beach!
At Gma Alice's. Acting silly on the couch
Pirate show at the Science Center with Daddy, Mommy & Eric
Gramps & E after swimming in Grandpa's new pool! FUN

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Melissa said...

What a fun and busy summer - love all of the pictures!