Friday, September 17, 2010

Selective Listening

I seriously write about one to two blogs in my head every day. I just never log in to put them here. I would like to blog more about my thoughts and E's growth. We will see how it goes. Hang in with me on this one!

The other night my hubby said "Huh?" "What?" and was referring to something we spoke about previously. He couldn't remember the details we discussed. The next night, it was me saying "Huh? What are you talking about?" We were both guilty of not FULLY listening to one another.

Both my boys LOVE to talk. I just get so confused about WHAT I should listen to when J wants to talk about his home improvement projects or discuss his career. I know the answer should be that I listen carefully to everything....but when we have a family of talkers, analytical thinkers, and communicators its pretty hard to listen all the time!

This recent week's events got me thinking about how I choose to listen to selective things my husband, mother and coworkers say to me. (I'm being honest here, and I think it could be mutual for most parties. ) I want to know everything, but sometimes I'm so self-centered on my problems, activities or events that I really miss deepening a friendship or relationship with family.

I also realized that this TOTALLY applies to God in my life. I keep praying for an open heart, to be able to listen to God speak to me in my life....but really, I KNOW He is there. I know HE is telling me things, but I am just too busy to listen OR I don't want to do it His way and so I just selectively listen to him. I don't deepen our relationship or grow from the "uh...huh, God. Sounds good. Talk to you later. Ba-bye" conversation with Him. Matt, the lead pastor at my church home Rooftop Community Church, said something a while ago. He said, "God's people do God's Will....GOD'S WAY." I know God was speaking to me that day, I printed out the quote three times and have it in my office. Well, now its been there a few months gathering dust and I just don't listen to it the same way I did when I first put it up there.

I guess my question is facetious, but here it is anyway : How can I be open to hear God when I choose to selectively listen to His word?

I'm challenged to listen more intently and when I spend time with God, to REALLY spend time with him. Proverbs 1:5 tells us "Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance." I hope to be a better listener to gain more knowledge and guidance from the Lord!

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