Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN!

My guy LOVES being outside..."side...side...side"

Finally, a pic of momma and babe :)

He climbs, crawls and gives his momma a heart attack by
just being a boy!

I'm amazed at the cute ones I got from this guy! HE NEVER
STOPS MOVING!  He is such a compassionate mover :)

Thinking...and being SUPER cute!

Yelling is normal outside....its quite fun to be around this guy

Playing ball with the neighbor's dog!

Daddy-o and E man. Being cute :)

He is SO sweet. I still get lots of kisses and hugs and SMILES!

Bunny tattoo--Easter style!

Cutie pie COUSINS!  I love this one!

Being silly on the chair during momma's photo shoot

Easter stuff at Rooftop church. Stamping fun.

Found some eggs at church! Woot woot!

Another cheese for momma! Gettin ready to color eggs

Dad is an expert!

Excited about the money in the eggs!

Cute face for the basket!

This is us!  Our family of THREE!
We are SO blessed

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