Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Yes, the title of the blog is Poopster....so, you can only imagine. My little guy has really blessed his mommy and daddy in the midst of a pretty busy time. He decided he would ONLY learn how to climb out of his bed at daycare.

He ALSO decided to ONLY do this at daycare: take off his diaper, climb out of the crib during nap time, POOP on the FLOOR and go back to sleep naked.

SERIOUSLY!?!?!?! This happened twice before the sitter could figure out WHO did WHAT! My little man is apparently a Pooping Houdini!

EVERY single day I laugh with this cute, adorable, smart and compassionate kiddo of mine. Jerret and I are amazed at the things he says (ALREADY!) and we usually do the whisper "hey, check out _______" multiple times per day.

Words and phrases we hear often: "EEmote" (remote), TV, Sadie NO NO, "Its eraining" (Its raining), "sow?" (snow?), LOVE YOU MOMMA (uh...yes, tears to the eyes!), LOVE YOU DADDA, he closes our nightly and dinner prayers with a hearty "AAAAMEN!", (when a loud knock or bell rings) "COME IN!", Pants (and then he takes them off), Poop, stinky!, and he loves to "Go bye bye" or "church". He also makes cute noises for airplanes, "rucks" (trucks) and "carsh" (cars)!

This month, our guy had ear infections all month :( I think he is finally feeling a little better. Lots of doc and ENT visits, but we could be on the mend!

As always, we are thankful to God for our little blessing and ALL our other blessings! (Especially the E-man being a poopster ONLY at daycare!)

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