Saturday, December 10, 2016

Raffle Drawing & Adoption UPDATE

Friends, Family, Co-workers, and Community!

Thanks for supporting our adoption raffle. We will draw LIVE around 7pm central on Facebook. Make sure to friend Steph or Jerret to see it (we will post the recording too!).  Winners will also be posted on our blog here!

We have JUST a handful to tickets left, and we are SO thankful for your support! We hope the winners can have their prize in time for Christmas!

QUICK Adoption update: Our home study is in draft form and being edited! Yahoo! We are so excited. Our Dossier (the official paperwork for Colombia) is in many pieces, but is coming together well. After the home-study is approved, we get some immigration pieces done and then the Dossier will be sent for translation and to a committee for approval. The translation and approval is estimated at a 2-3 month waiting period.

Our timeline and expectations are always changing. We know God has BIG plans for our family, this little girl and this process. Some days it feels like we are almost there, other days we hear of the Colombian government updating their procedures that could lengthen our process. We know that God provides and are continuing to pray for the little girl who will come to her forever home with us!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue along this amazing journey!

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