Wednesday, December 28, 2016

We are APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!

We are APPROVED! Our home study was just approved by our agency, All God's Children and our local certified provider, Lutheran Children and Family Services. We certainly have been TALKING about this for a while, but wasn't sure if it would happen in 2016! I've been busting it to try to get this approval (and sending TONS of follow up emails and phone calls!)

What does this mean you might ask???

This means that we can.....

  • Send our notarized home study and additional dossier documents for Missouri to APOSTILLE (read about that process here!) In short, it is the NOTARY's BOSS, certifying/checking on the legitimacy of the notary. (Just apart of the process :) 
  • After the apostille, we can send off our Dossier to All God's Children for translation! (They send it to Colombia experts!) We have been WORKING working working on the Home Study AND Dossier at the same time. Translation takes a bit.....4-6 weeks, I believe.
  • With an approved home study, we can also apply for our Immigration. This takes an average of 2 months.
  • After translation is complete, immigration is approved/signed and all these are sent to our agency--we are OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL in the eyes of the Colombian Government! I'm anxiously awaiting THAT part too! (Don't worry, you will hear about it!)
  • AND, all at the same time, an official home study approval ALSO means we can apply for grants, loans and fundraising opportunities through adoption non-profits.
How can you help!? PRAY for favor and speed in the paperwork, for our female child for health and protection. For endurance, as this is ONE small step in an international adoption! We have a LOT more to go! For our hearts to wait. God has a plan, but we are SO excited. To be patient in HIS time. For provisions, planning and coordinating in this process.
You can also DONATE to our online GoFundMe page. We have big goals and have been saving, but you can help us out too! AND, support us on our next ONLINE opportunity (more details around Jan 1, 2017!) LOVE on us! Babysit for free, send us notes of encouragement, or take us out to coffee. This adoption is like another full time job, we need rest and filling up too!

We pray you had a blessed Christmas and for a safe and Happy New Year!

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