Friday, November 7, 2008

Baltimore/Halloween/Birthday Fun!

I left with Sue (from work) to Baltimore, Maryland. We presented a poster about marketing the Allied Health Professions at SLU. When we left, the weather was so NICE in St Louis--but it was COLD in Baltimore! I got out the red winter coat!

Sue on the harbor!!

Sue and Steph at the harbor!


Amy and Katie from Nutrition and their posters!

Steph and Sue with poster!
The day I arrived home from Baltimore was the Rooftop Halloween party!

Angela (with banana hat in the background!) Baby/Monkey Jack and Stephanie!
What a cutie pie!

Tom, Kayla and Gilligan! at the trunk or treat!

Thomas and Kayla

Sadie with her duck and daddy J.

Sadie was a DRAGON for Halloween 2008!
We celebrated my birthday on Nov 1 this year! A nice dinner and movies on the couch! Love it!
Now, I feel old!

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erin said...

i didn't know you had a blog!!!!! yea! i just saw it on facebook. i'll catch up on it later today. glad you had a nice relaxing b'day! :-)