Friday, May 15, 2009

Baby Boy Batson's Nursery

Friday, May 15, 2009
So, I think I am FINALLY done moving and re-organizing the baby's things. I took some photos for everyone to see the nursery nearly or pretty much complete. Only thing missing--BABY! I have SO much fun in his room. I like to check out his clothes, organize the toys, count the diapers and wipes : )

I just wanted to post what a great husband I have, too. Jerret has been so helpful and supportive that it almost makes me cry! (Really cry, not just preggo cry!) He is gonna be a super fun daddy and I'm so excited for _______ (insert baby's name) to meet him in person! We will, by the way, be announcing his name AFTER the birth! We will probably post on this blog a couple of pictures and some updates about the babe. Our cell phones will be turned on/barely used for EMERGENCIES only : ) We need time to bond, people. Technology is not needed at the hospital : )

So, here it is.....
Ok, so of course I'm taking out the photo, blanket, pillow, bumper AND bear. But, I wanted one last photo before I SIDS proofed the bed : )
Mom and Dad are awaiting your arrival little batson boy!
Walking into the Nursery
Changing table and crib view from door
Toys and closet!
Baby will be rocked to sleep there a lot!

He has LOTS of clothes already too!
Some of the 5,000 diapers! Yeah baby! Shopping the sales!

Toy basket!

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Mkoch said...

With that many diapers are you sure you aren't forgetting to tell us something? Like, more than one baby :-). That's crazy, it sounds like you are prepared and ready. We will be praying for a safe delivery and happy healthy baby.