Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Wednesday, May 6, 2009
While we often post prayer requests that are our needs and wants, I try to post stuff about how great God is to us too. So, I thought I would share a post about how awesomely great my Rooftop friends are! On Monday I had a surprise baby shower at my small group! LOTS of ladies from Rooftop were there and I got super cute presents, yummy cake and enjoyed spending some social time with them. I am SO happy to be involved in the Monday and Wednesday night groups and am just super lucky to have been blessed with such amazing women friends (and those guys on Wed!). The girls wanted to be on the blog--and of course I can't miss ANOTHER shower posting! I'm so thankful to ALL my friends and family who are thinking of Jerret, baby and I during our pregnancy. We are super duper excited to meet Mr. B. and will take our computer to the hospital to post some blog pics! We love you all!
The girls at Bread Co!
Ms Kayla being silly with Jackie!

LaShandra and Laura

Sally, Cake, Stephanie and Heather!

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