Monday, May 25, 2009

Still Ready....

Monday, May 25, 2009

This weekend was extra long and extra NEEDED! Mom left Friday, and Jerret took me (and Mr Boy Batson!) to a St Louis Cardinals game. The Cards beat the Royals and we had a great time at the game. Ok, I was hot, tired, and stuck in a little chair, but watching the game from our primo seats was completely awesome : )

See the baby sitting on my leg!?! BIG Cardinals Belly!

GO CARDS! (go away heatwave!)

Saturday met us with sleep and Jerret building things. Some photos below are the cute baby things Jerret (and helpers) worked on over the weekend. While it was hot on Saturday, we still cooked out and enjoyed dinner on our patio!

Big sister, Sadie, gets tortured by mom one more time. What a cute ribbon from Jerret's work friends! Doesn't she look so cute as a big sister!?!?!?!
Sunday I was so tired, but we still went to church. Jerret ran the control room and I got to sit next to Jake Elder, the newest addition to Julie and Matt's family! Jake was so cute and adorable! It was fun, but I did have some horrible contractions. I thought Sunday was THE day he would come into this world. I had about 8 contractions all day, but they didn't progress anywhere. So, I napped, walked, and napped some more. Jerret was a gentleman and took care of me all day and night.

Monday, no work, so we both slept in till 10am (ok, my sleeping is interrupted every hour and a half for a bathroom break), but it was great anyway. We relaxed, read, worked (ok, Jerret worked) and just hung out together. It was super great to be relaxed at our house and spend quality time together. We have some new photos of the Nursery. Jerret keeps making fun that I keep re-organizing the whole place, but I love it. I love spending time in the nursery and thinking of all the time I will spend with little boy Batson. I also started my pregnancy online scrapbook. I've taken some notes and have lots of pictures to compile for this great book. It should be awesome!

Changing table, diaper champ, diaper stacker, cute decor!

Crib (from Grandma Ash and Grandpa Mike) with the big blanket hanging! Oh yeah, and a cute picture of Mommy and Daddy by the crib

Glider from Grandma Rena with the blanket from Grandma Alice!

Another view of the beautiful crib from the grandparents!

Keep us in your prayers, along with all those other preggo friends I have at church and work. We just found out that Kameron, from work, had her baby boy at 1pm today! Congrats!

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erin said...

oh i can't wait...!

hope you're feeling well. looks like you're all ready for baby boy!