Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eph's first Ear Infection

Eph and some pumpkins...or, my pumpkin with some pumpkins : )
Its orange!
Check out the big guy!

Bumbo man. AKA: Grandma's Little Pumpkin

So, baby boy has his first ear infection. We went to Dr. Lora's office last Friday after she heard his cough, congestion and about his sleepless nights. He was given some antibiotics and we headed for home. He has been taking the meds good (this kid eats like his mommy!). While this isn't something I am excited about, it seems that Ephraim is still a really happy baby despite being a little under the weather.

I also believe little man has been teething off and on. I am wondering when I'll see some little tooth buds under those gums. Not wishing my baby's life away....just wondering : ) He remains in good spirits throughout, but still is not sleeping well. We hope his sleeping habits are too disrupted by his teething and ear infections. We also pray for a little sleep for mommy and daddy and that Eph's health improves quickly.

I'll update some photos tonight when I get home. My little man is growing DAILY! I go to work and come home and he is a different guy. I had some tears when I realized he had "little boy" hair. He lost a lot of his newborn hair, but now his hair is growing in....and its little boy cute spikey hair. Not as thin as baby boy hair. This, too, means my guy is growing up : ( Happy and sad at the same time.

We are still trying to get Eph off his nursing strike, but with his cold/teething/ear infection who knows if he will want to do it much soon. Keep praying for us : )

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What a cute pumpkin!